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Google is prepared to phase-out cookies in 2023, as it introduces new technology to define online marketing. Our report reveals deep insights into the future of small business marketing and a strategy for small business owners to ensure sustainable growth in a volatile future.


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This report is not merely a product of research, but also a highlight of key insights and tested strategies for you to position your business in a rapidly changing future.

Our main touchpoints:

Clear signals of a changing marketing landscape

Within this report, you'll learn how Apple's App Tracking Transparency shaped data-driven advertising. Also, you'll see the role of EU's ePrivacy Regulation in defining the future of digital marketing.

Top emerging marketing technology for SMEs

Changing practices are brought about by innovations. Google, in its bid to circumvent the new EU law, is leading the change in marketing with the Privacy Sandbox. We've simplified this new technology in our report.

Adaptable, data-driven marketing strategy for SMEs

We wrapped this report up with a well laid out strategy for you to reposition your business and get ahead of the looming rapid changes.

Cookieless Marketing

The Effect of Cookies Phase-out on SME Marketing and A Strategy for The Future.

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Why we do what we do?

We believe that strategic navigation of notable market changes (like the one presented in this report) enables SMEs to seize a significant share of their target market. Our mission is to help growth-oriented SMEs maximize the opportunities presented by changing user privacy practices ahead of their competition.

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