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An effective website copy is a valuable investment

A business website is an often undervalued asset. In a plain sense, it’s a digital storefront designed to receive two sets of visitors: search engines and customers. The words and phrases that peer through those pages are as valuable as the product/service you’re selling. Getting them right is imperative to the success of your brand. 

With SEO copywriting experiences dating as far back as 2018, our global team of website copywriters uses a combination of research, writing, and optimization tools to augment exceptional creativity in delivering effective web copies and outstanding customer experience.

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Reduce bounce rate by engaging at first sight

According to a study from Microsoft Research, the probability of a website bounce goes from 5 to 2% when you hold the visitor’s attention for 20 seconds. We understand the science behind it. So, we always put our best phrases first.

Scannable web copies, optimized for growth.

Excellent user experience remains our only creative principle. It guides every copy we write. By training our copywriters to understand practical user psychology, they can see every website copy written through the lens of the target audiences. And this has had a grand impact on the SEO ranking of our client websites.

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What our clients are saying.

judah longgrear, ceo nickelytics

Working with Ojehs feels like we have an in-house marketing team. They understand our business and industry so well. And their deep knowledge of the internet and search engines makes their approach stand out.

— Judah Longgrear; CEO, Nickelytics

Grow with SEO

Google and other search engines are experience-oriented. With our global team of expert designers, media managers, SEO specialists, and content marketers, we help B2B businesses seize the top spot among competitors scrambling to answer user queries. We do this by creating superb experiences with words and visually appealing designs. 

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