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Every day, millions of new blog posts appear on the internet. That is no surprise because fresh content allows blogs to stay relevant to readers and search engines. One advice content marketing experts will always offer businesses is to find and maintain a good blogging frequency.

Some successful bloggers like Brian Dean of Backlinco post about once a month. In 2013, the Huffington Post was publishing about 2000 blog posts each day.

But should your company blog put up a post every day? Well, that depends on what works best for your company and you can look at some factors to determine that.

Factors that affect blogging frequency

There is no straight answer to how often your company should blog. But several factors typically determine how frequently your company can blog.

1. The size of your company’s blogging team

Large companies with 10 to 30 writers on their content marketing team can publish a new blog article every day or multiple times a day. All they need is good planning, competent management, and teamwork.

However, a small business with just 1 or 2 persons handling content writing will have to blog less frequently. All the strategic planning in the world can not make up for the insufficient staff strength. Forcing the issue might lead to burnout and other difficulties.

2. The quality of your blog content matters

The hallmarks of quality content are relevance, uniqueness, and verifiability. Plagiarism is a turn-off for serious blog readers and search engines. You also want well-researched, expertly edited, and search-engine-optimized articles. All of those take time.

Consider how much time your writers require to come up with high-quality content. Some topics are such that quality research takes a couple of hours. Others require a few days to conduct interviews, experiments, and other tests.

Making sure everything is perfect with a post before you authorize its publication can take more time.

3. Your company’s blogging style

If your company adopts a news-focused style of blogging, then you should post at least once daily. Readers will expect to get the most current information from news blogs.

You’ll need to keep up with Industry related events as they occur to ensure your business blog stays relevant.

If your blogging style is more analytical instead of just relaying information, long-form content published less frequently works great. Your readers will most likely have to read the articles several times to glean all the value they can.

It helps that there’s enough time between postings so your loyal visitors are not overloaded.

4. The objectives of your business blog

The key objective for establishing a company blog could be to build traffic, attract sales, or create brand awareness. The ultimate goal can influence blogging frequency.

If the goal is to generate and increase website traffic, publish a new article daily or 4 to 6 times a week. It will help attract the attention of search engines.

The goal can simply be to sell your products to leads you already generated from other platforms. A blog post each week can do the trick because the blog is probably the last stop on the customer journey.

Your company blog may be mainly to educate your audience on complex topics. Then publishing long-form articles twice a month should achieve that goal. Your company can also publish brand-awareness blog posts once or twice a week.

5. The text lengths of your blog posts

Some blog posts contain an infographic or video with a short description of about 500 words. Other posts can have about 1,500 or more.

It is easier and quicker to create short-form content than it is to create long-form content. So your choice of content form can impact blogging frequency.

So how often should your company put out blog posts?

writing original article

The ultimate test is to experiment with various posting schedules and see what works for achieving blogging goals. Website analytics tools provide all kinds of metrics that can help determine if a particular posting schedule is working.

Results may take a few months to show so give it time.

Valuable advice:

If your company blogs daily, keep your articles short and easy to digest. If you want to post less frequently, try creating long-form content so your readers aren’t starved for information.

Additionally, maintain content quality at whatever pace you choose. Readers can tell when blogs are no longer putting as much creativity into their content and trust erodes quicker than it builds. So keep in mind how blogging frequency can affect your content quality.

Here are some strong tips for blogging consistently

1. You should keep to a schedule

Whether you post every day or once a month, consistency is key. Having uneven lag times between your posts will throw your audience off balance. To ensure that your post at regular intervals, pick a time for posting and stick to it.

Of course, this means that you also need to schedule a time to research topics and write.

2. You have to update old posts

If your company has been blogging for a while, then you can schedule post updates in place of creating completely new articles. You can refurbish a blog post from 2 years ago to reflect current developments.

It will attract search engines and visitors alike whilst saving some time. Of course, it’s not smart to lean too heavily on old post updates. New topics emerge every day and your company needs to keep up.

Have you considered outsourcing yet?

Many business people do not go into a venture planning to become part-time bloggers. But blogging is a marketing gold mine and many entrepreneurs find themselves struggling to get it right.

When you find that there are no capable or available hands in your company to deliver high-quality blog posts regularly, it’s time to outsource your company’s blogging.

Posting frequency can make or break your company’s blogging endeavor. But there is no specific instruction on how often you should post blog articles.

The best advice is to work around factors that already affect how often your company can blog.

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