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Not just an audit, it’s a 360-degree analysis of your website’s SEO performance.

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Sustainable growth begins with a functional, high performance website equipped to deliver excellent user experience with flawless search engine friendliness. We understand this and that’s why we offer a free SEO website audit to help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your website SEO performance.

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Pinpoint website performance issues

We use GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insight to analyze your website’s performance and identify any issues that may be affecting its SEO performance. We look at factors such as website speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience to diagnose website performance issues and effect improvements.

Stay on-page and on track

We assess the search engine friendliness of your web content by looking at factors such as meta tags, image tags, content depth, and other on-page elements to ensure that they are optimized for relevant keywords and adapted for a better user experience.

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Spot issues in your website architecture

We analyze your website’s technical structure, such as the XML sitemap, robots.txt file, and URL structure, to ensure that they are optimized for search engines. We also identify broken links and discrepancies in your overall website architecture. 

Be aware of off-page threats

Our audit analyzes your backlink health and spots backlink sources that may hurt your website’s search engine ranking. 

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Get ahead of the competition

We analyze your competitors’ websites to identify their strengths and weaknesses. With this, we create a customized SEO strategy for your website to help you achieve inbound marketing goals.

What our clients are saying.

judah longgrear, ceo nickelytics

Working with Ojehs feels like we have an in-house marketing team. They understand our business and industry so well. And their deep knowledge of the internet and search engines makes their approach stand out.

— Judah Longgrear; CEO, Nickelytics

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