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In this article, you’ll learn about the features a great SaaS content must possess and 5 different types of content for software companies to enhance your content marketing efforts.

Writing content for a software company can pose a challenge due to the intangible nature of some software products. Articulating a feature-rich product that lacks physical form requires extra effort to avoid dullness and engage readers.

A software company’s best content should retain a conversational and engaging tone that’s not jargon. This way, customers with or without a technical background can see the essence of incorporating the tool into their daily lives without dealing with complexities.

The top 5 types of content for software companies

Content plays a vital role in the marketing plan of every successful software company. However, if a software company will thrive, it requires different types of articles to ensure customers gain optimum satisfaction on the website.

These are 5 of the most recommended content to publish on your company website.

1. Product or service description

Software companies are eager to attract potential customers from across the globe who will become raving fans of their products or services. A product or service description helps readers identify what’s in it for them.

It can be challenging to scale software without any article that captures the relevance of its features. Your product or service description must make users feel they’re choosing the right software company that will thoroughly address pain points and caters to their needs.

For example, ClickUp has detailed articles covering all its major features and products. These articles portray the use cases where each product proves beneficial.

2. How-to content

Guides are a popular way to show your customers that you have an in-depth understanding of their needs and how your products are built to meet them.

Regardless of the software company’s niche, your target audience should identify you as an authority with solutions to help them.

Customers need immediate answers to questions. Digestible articles can fill this void. Anyone looking for an avenue to learn the ropes within a niche must find articles from a software company that makes the learning process seamless.

For example, Pipedrive provides readers with how-to guides that cover sales and marketing. The tips offered in these articles can help other businesses boost performance, increase revenue and manage teams effectively.


types of content for software companies

Here’s an example of ours: Business Blogging: How to Optimize for Voice Search

3. Case studies

According to a survey by the Business 2 community, 98% of the top-performing SaaS brands have a blog, while 62% of them use case studies.

Case studies are essential for SaaS brands because they portray positive assertions about a company’s product or service. It shows a software company’s effect on customers through compelling stories with happy endings.

It makes a customer’s purchase decision faster because it covers a real-life problem that a software company solves for its target audience. This way, customers seeking similar results can know what to expect by choosing the software.

Semrush uses case studies to share customer success stories and how the marketing tool assists them in gaining visibility. An example is a case study that shows how improved page rankings using Semrush’s keyword research functions.

4. Comparison articles

Successful software companies have comparison articles that compare two or more software to help customers find the right tool.

This approach works effectively for potential customers in the middle of the funnel who are still researching similar tools within a niche before making a decision.

You can place the different features of each tool side-by-side or tailor it according to specific buyers to win new customers. When a software company has a comparison article, you can control the narrative to suit the strengths of your offerings.

However, customers always look for an objective view to help them decide.

For instance, Hubspot has a comparison post of two email marketing tools: Sendinblue and Mailchimp, which are its competitors. Hubspot takes a different approach by not selling its email marketing service in this article but by focusing on these other ones.


types of content for software companies


5. Press releases

This type of content lets a software company keep its audience updated about recent happenings within the company and industry. It also serves as an avenue for customers to be properly informed about everything that concerns a software company.

Press releases can cover collaborations, product upgrades, new releases, and other topics that might interest your audience.


Every software company needs written content that engages, entertains, and informs potential customers. Combining these different types of content will help your company become visible on search engines and build user trust.

Content like press releases, product descriptions, how-to guides, and comparison articles can help you satisfy user intent while satisfying the search engine’s algorithm. You can also position your software company as an authority and solution to ease your target audience’s pain.


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